In-Service Conference
Presiders and Room Chairs

The purpose of Presiders and Room Chairs is to insure that sessions are organized and that the presenter(s) have all equipment and necessary items for the session. These positions provide the professional courtesies that the clinicians, performing groups and the membership are entitled to representing VMEA.


  • Before the session begins introduce yourself to the presenter and clarify stopping time of the session
  • Check room for proper equipment and set-up including AV equipment.
  • Introduce the clinician / performing group. Learn a few important facts about the presenter and / or performing group for your introduction.
  • Present plaque / certificate when appropriate at the conclusion of the session.
    • Performing groups receive a plaque
    • Demonstration groups receive a certificate
    • These plaques and or certificates and other pertinent material will be available from Section Presidents or designee.
  • Provide assistance when necessary to Room Chairs in checking badges at the door.
  • Concerts are open to the public so badges are not necessary.

Room Chairs

  • Assist Presider with room set-up and check for proper equipment
  • Check individuals for conference badges at the door.
    • Concerts are open to the public so badges are not necessary.
    • Clinics are open only to registered attendees displaying conference badges and / or "Performers stick on badges".
  • Assist as needed in clearing the room for the next session.

A member of the logistic committee will be available to assist with equipment needs.

Should a person not have a badge direct them to the Conference Registration Booth located in the Great Ballroom East so that they may register for the conference.

Thank you for providing this invaluable service for VMEA.

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