Article I -Name

The name of the organization shall be the Virginia Elementary Music Educators Association.

Article II Purpose

The purpose of the Virginia Elementary Music Educators Association is to provide mutual helpfulness to its membership and to promote the advancement of music education through schools and other educational institutions.

Article III Affiliation

As the Elementary Section of the Virginia Music Educators Association, the membership shall enjoy and benefit from those affiliations and professional relations accorded other members of the parent organization.

Article IV -

The membership shall consist of those persons who serve as full-time or part-time music educators at the elementary level and hold membership in MENC: The National Association for Music Educators and the Virginia Music Educators Association (VMEA).

Article V – Officers
The officers of the section shall be (1) the President, (2) the President-Elect, (3)the Vice-President, and (4) the Secretary/Treasurer. Officers shall be active members in good standing with the Association.

Article VI – Government
The government of the section shall be vested in the officers under the general supervision of the Executive Board of the Virginia Music Educators Association.

Article VII – Committees
The President shall be empowered to appoint such standing and special committees as s/he shall deem advisable to properly conduct the affairs of the Association.

Article VIII Quorum

A quorum shall be in effect at any meeting of the section where eight (8) of the sixteen VMEA Districts are represented.

Article IX Elections

Officers shall be elected -in accordance with the VMEA cycle and in accordance with the terms set forth in the VEMEA bylaws. The term of office shall begin July 1 of each even-numbered year and shall run for two years.

Article X Meetings

There will be one scheduled meeting per year for the general membership during the annual VMEA In-Service Conference in November. There will be two additional scheduled meetings for district representatives and officers - one during the annual Council of Review meeting in September and one during the annual All-Virginia Elementary Chorus event in the spring.

Article XI Disposition of Assets

In case of disbandment and in the event of liquidation of financial assets of the Association, all funds remaining, after the payment of legitimate bills and all accrued legal costs and financial obligations, shall be transferred to the Virginia Music Educators Association, of which it is a part.

Article XII Amendments

This Constitution may be amended at an annual meeting of the Section when two thirds of the membership present shall have approved the proposed amendment. Following a motion, the amendment must be printed in an issue of VEMA Notes. A final vote would occur at the next session.

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