All Virginia Elementary Chorus ?2018

Saturday, April 7, 2018
Radford University, Radford, Virginia

Students from elementary across the state will experience the joy of making music together. Participants will be selected by their general music teacher. Students will work with a master conductor, perform a varied repertoire of quality choral literature, and increase their knowledge of vocal skills.

For more information email Jason Kriner at

Eligibility: Students with unchanged voices are invited to participate. Upon the teachers - discretion, you may choose the students from the oldest grade in your school. For example, if you teach in a K-4 school, you may bring 4th grade students. If you teach in a K-5 school, you may bring your 5th grade students. If your oldest grade is 6th grade, you may bring your 6th grade students. Only students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade may participate.

Past All Virginia Elementary Chorus Events

  • 2017 - Western Branch High School - Chesapeake - Dr. Martha Springstead
  • 2016 - T. C. Williams High School - Alexandria, Virginia - Elaine Stanford
  • 2015 - Eastern View High School - Culpeper - Patty Moffett Austin
  • 2014 - Hanover High School - Hanover County - Dr. Alice Hammel
  • 2013 - Patriot High School - Prince William County - Debra Kay Robinson Lindsay
  • 2012 - Longwood University - Farmville - Bonnie Carlson
  • 2011 - Jefferson Center - Roanoke - Harriet Heath & Debra Kay Robinson Lindsay
  • 2010 - Shenandoah Univeristy - Winchester - Jeffrey Marlatt
  • 2009 - Turner Ashby High School - Rockingham County - Curtis Nolley
  • 2008 - Ferguson Center - Christopher Newport University - Debra Kay Robinson Lindsay
  • 2007 - Hayfield Secondary School - Fairfax County
  • 2006 - Richmond
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