The Virginia Elementary Music Educators Association (VEMEA) is a branch of the Virginia Music Educators Association (VMEA). The VMEA is the professional association for the school music teachers of the Commonwealth of Virginia. VMEA is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit association incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The mission of the Virginia Elementary Music Educators Association is to advance music education in Virginia Elementary schools.

Congratulations to the winners of our $500 VEMEA Professional Development Grants!

H. Grant Poole of Danville Public Schools (District 6)
Tips for Successful Planning and Teaching During and After the Pandemic

Zachary Martini of Arlington Public Schools (District 12)
Equity in the Elementary Music Classroom

VEMEA Virtual Professional Development Workshop Saturday February 20, 2021

  • Both sessions are ​free for members​ and ​$25 total for non-members​
  • The first five non-members to register will ​have their fees waived​ !

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Tips for Successful Planning and Teaching During and After the Pandemic

Presented by: Ashleigh Lore — Lansing, Michigan
  • Tips and insight for better grant writing and funding
  • Digital activities that include recorder and ukulele resources
  • Techniques for trauma-informed teaching in a post-pandemic classroom

Ashleigh Lore received her M.M. in Music Education from the University of Michigan and her B.M.E. from Central Michigan University, where she double majored in Music Education and English Education. Ashleigh presents nationally, leads grant writing workshops, and is a strong advocate for music education (having served on a variety of boards and committees). Ashleigh teaches elementary general music in Mid-Michigan, serves the Lansing Symphony Orchestra as their Education & Outreach Coordinator, and is also author of ​The Music Educator's Guide to Grant Writing​ and Recorder Boot Camp​ . For more information, please visit either www.learninglorepress.com​ or ​sites.google.com/view/ashleighlore​.

Conversations on the Banjo

Presented by: Valerie Diaz Leroy
In this session, participants will trace the migration of the banjo from its African roots to its place in modern American music through musical demonstrations and song. We will explore lessons created for the National Museum of African American Music that combine the concept of culture and knowledge of the banjo to demonstrate the power of presenting music using authentic voices.

Valerie Diaz Leroy
A former elementary music teacher, Valerie Diaz Leroy is an instructional coach, researcher, pedagogy specialist, and DEI Committee chair for QuaverEd. She is vice president of Kodály of North Carolina and sits on the OAKE Equity Committee. As a Conflict Transformation facilitator, Valerie provides insight into how to help shape an accurate narrative around cultural traditions and perspectives in academic fields.
NAFME - Guidance for General Music Teaching during COVID-19
NAfME is pleased to present Guidance for General Music Teaching during COVID-19, a new resource from the NAfME Council for General Music, to assist educators in providing standards-based instruction to students using various instructional delivery options (in-person, hybrid, virtual). This document provides examples of general music teaching using the Anchor Standards, scenarios for how general music instruction can and should continue through the pandemic, and answers to frequently asked questions. NAfME thanks Rob Lyda, council chair, and all the members of the council for their efforts to produce this important resource.